Screenshots of the new Facebook Photo Contest Application

You can purchase this App today for your Facebook page here.

Photo Contest Admin Area
Photo Contest Admin Area - This is where you set the options and variables for the app
Facebook App Photo Contest Admin Area
When does the contest start and end, also enter a description as to what your contest is about.
Facebook App Photo Contest Admin Area
You can upload custom images
Facebook App Photo Contest Admin Area
Choose which information you wish to collect from your contestants.

You can purchase this App today for your Facebook page here.

ScriptDorks Web Hosting Promotion

Purchase ExitLinks from ScriptDorks and get a years free hosting from Thexyz Server ExitLinks allows you to run your own url shortener and server ads via an iframe portion at the top of the page. In short any link you convert with ExitLinks will allow you to server your own ads on the page. There was a post recently made about some of the practical uses of ScriptDorks and you can see it here for more ideas. With a new reduced price, coupon offers and now a years free hosting included with you purchase, there has never been a better time to purchase and run your own URL shortener.

Practical Uses For Running Your Own URL Shortening Service

Many of you familiar with ScriptDorks will have heard of Exitlinks, its our very own URL shortener script that allows you start you own url shortening service. All you need is to purchase the script from ScriptDorks which currently costs just $99.99. Then you will need a short domain name and once it is uploaded to your server, you can start using it.

So much more than just a URL shortener

Once of the main features of Exitlinks is the built in tracking and advertising features. If you convert all your outgoing links via an Exitlinks script, you will be able to see how many time they have been clicked.

Advertise your site on other sites for free

The advertising part of the script works in two simple ways. The first way and most common way is use the top banner ad features that places a banner ad on the top of every converted page. The other way is make user wait a certain amount of time before being redirected. This way you could advertise your subscription service or newsletter.

Full source code provided

As full source code is provided with purchase of the script, you are able to customize and edit the script however you would like.

We have seen Exitlinks be applied to a number of useful applications over the years, such as…

Real Estate Listing
For Real Estate Agents to script is very useful as they can add a banner to the top displaying all contact info. This way whenever the realtor needs to show a link to a client from another brokerage, they can do so with a link that is from the realtors own domain as well as displaying the contact info for the realtor.

Web Designers
Web Developers can show demo’s of other developers demo sites, adding their own banner to the top and controlling the url of the demo sites. You could also divide the the top banner up also include a web hosting banner so additional commissions for referring hosting sales are available.

Twitter user

Twitter users are quite familiar with URL shorteners as many links are automatically converted when they are too long. By using Exitlinks, you can now personalize your twitter presence by shortening the links with your own shortener.

The possibilities are endless and our talented team of script developers are always happy to help.

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Rule Twitter with your own short domain

There are not many short domains left to own, if you have a domain with just 3 characters, you may want to hang on to it as more and more people are setting up their own short domain to manage on their own‎.
Why are people doing this and what are the benefits?

  • You can get a domain to match your name or brand
  • Track analytics and clicks to your short url
  • Look like a Twitter expert
  • Take full control of url shortening

‎We have reserved a few short 3 letter premium domains and have some available for sale with the purchase of our Exitlinks link shortening script.