Exitlinks is now Open Source

Since 2009 ScriptDorks has been providing various software applications, with the most well known being Exitlinks. Over the past couple of years, development on Exitlinks has stalled. I recently made to decision to let someone else manage ScriptDorks and take over development of the project. The auction on Flippa was not successful so I have instead decided to make Exitlinks open source.
This means you can now download and install Exitlinks free of charge. Download the latest version here.
Get involved with Exitlinks development
I have a few add-ons planned for an upcoming release of Exitlinks:
1. New mobile responsive theme
2. Crypto currency mining through shortened links
3. Better advertisement purchasing
4. Github project for management of the software
Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings.


I acquired ScriptDorks in 2012 which grew into a popular software development company. Over the years better software became available and all ScriptDorks' projects, such as Exitlinks and Alpha-Bids are now open source. I now add reviews on various third party software scripts I come across through my work at Thexyz.

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