Exitlinks – A URL Shortener That Offers More

Exitlinks by ScriptDorks is a powerful URL shortener that offers a lot more than a standard shortener. For a start, its open source code allows you to set the site up on any domain you own.

You can then begin to shorten and track URL’s with a script that also works as a powerful ad network.

As an Ad Network

The site allows for two ad units, either a full page ad unit that can be a 336 x 250 or larger and a banner that is best suited for a 728 x 90. As the script is written in unencrypted php, you can edit these details to allow for larger or smaller sized units. You can also track the expenditure of ads and price them accordingly.

Add-on affiliate system

If you wish you can purchase the add-on affiliate system that allows for advertisers to buy ads whiler other members can market these positions for you. In turn increasing your membership of both users and paying advertisers.

IP Tracking

Some users prefer to see how many clicks the shortened URL has collected and where they are coming from. The script will automatically collect this data and store it in a chronologically organised database.

Twitter Integration

Once shortened links can be easily sent to your Twitter account with the click of a button. With added IP tracking features, you will be able to track just how many times the URL has been tracked.

Scalable Architecture

Exitlinks is designed to handle MySQL databases with many members. This way you be sure they that site will not slow down when your user base increases. Just add additional server space and you are good to go.

Admin Ad management area

If you need to edit, add or remove an advertisement, no problem. You can manage all advertisements by logging into the admin area.

Configure how much your users will earn

You can set how much earn user will earn for click on a shortened URL.



I acquired ScriptDorks in 2012 which grew into a popular software development company. Over the years better software became available and all ScriptDorks' projects, such as Exitlinks and Alpha-Bids are now open source. I now add reviews on various third party software scripts I come across through my work at Thexyz.

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