Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine is an easily set-up, fast, feature-rich photo gallery script with MySQL database. CPG supports template & user management, private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, film strip, e-card feature for easy customization to match the rest of a site. CPG 1.4* adds a hosts of new features including updated securities, countless bug-fixes, many new features including support for multiple document types, online editing, APIs & plugins.

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I acquired ScriptDorks in 2012 which grew into a popular software development company. Over the years better software became available and all ScriptDorks' projects, such as Exitlinks and Alpha-Bids are now open source. I now add reviews on various third party software scripts I come across through my work at Thexyz.

  1. Laas

    Coppermine was by far the easiest to install of many photogalleries I tried. Setting it up was mostly intuitive, though the gallery-album structure is pretty confusing at first. Adding photos was a breeze via FTP. Overall I have to say this script impressed me, and is the best free script I have found. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a searchable photo data base and gallery.

  2. Tami

    This awesome software is a little tricky for the novice php coder but should be a wiz to learn if you don’t mind investigating your questions using coppermine’s huge support forum. this php website script features tons of themes out of the box, easy installation and can be retrofitted to any site’s current look and feel with a little bit of extra work.

  3. Tristian

    I have been using Gallery2 and Coppermine for a long time. Coppermine and Gallery both have uniqe functionalities, but Coppermine uses much less system resources than Gallery2. For that reason, I think Coppermine is a better script. Gallery2 eats too much system resources.

  4. Herman

    This is an awesome script. Is is easy to install and ready to use right out of the box. It is compatable and works well with various bulletin boards or forum scripts. I am using it with phpBB2 and it works real good. I am in no way a tech savy or programming type of guy so I always look for easy scripts, and this one fits the bill. I just got one thing to say to the developers of this software, THANK YOU. You guys/gals ROCK!!!

  5. Paul

    I tried 2 other scripts to make a gallery site for myself and friends and to be totally honest, they both scared me off. Being a complete noob to any kind of web design, hosting, and scripts in general they were just impossible for me to customize to where I really felt like my site was indeed “my site”. Then I found Coppermine. Much to my delight I was not only able to get this setup myself but really feel comfortable tweaking and modding it with the many plugins and settings. After only a week I have even contributed some of my own little bits to the community. The docs and instructions are excellent and the forums are a treasure trove of information. Any question on the support forums seem to be answered in less than 12 hrs. And trust me I made more than one… I have to admit I’m abit proud I was able to get my site up and customized so quick. If your looking for a photo gallery site script you would really be doing self a mis service if don’t try this one first.

  6. Colin

    Coppermine is a great gallery script with lots to offer. In the basic version it’s quite easy to work. Soon as you start adding a couple of plug ins and try to offer large high resolution images coppermine comes to it’s limits. File uploads end up in fatal errors and and batch uploads showing only thumbnail images. After reading through 100s of pages on documentation and posts in the support forum starting finaly you one thread you are very quick told of for not reading the documentation and and not applying to the board rules. As sumary to say, if you don’t need anything special like offered user permissions, trying to sell your fullsize images as downloads and you know basic html to modify the template files to your liking you have a great gallery. When you start needing support and you don’t know any html or php coding it get’s very time consuming and frustrating.

  7. bruce

    Coppermine sets its self apart in its simplistic approach of providing a robust easy to use interface of categorizing and displaying images, documents, video and audio files from multiple sources. Coppermine is fully documented and supported. It would do you well to hang out in their forums, study the documentation, demo and tutorials to fully appreciate the amount of support, plug-ins and modifications that are available. At the least you will have something to judge all other software by.

  8. max

    I spent some time researching the different galleries out there, and none looked as apealing, easy to install and use, yet be powerful and scalable, as Coppermine Photo Gallery. The themes look great. I’m not an artist, and don’t want to create my own, but am picky enough to where I know what looks good and what looks like crap, and the Coppermine themes, to me, look great. Uploading pictures is easy. Auto-thumbnail creation was a must, and this gallery does it great. The options are perfect. I don’t want user galleries, just my own, and locking it down was easy. I did have to modify a few html files to remove some unwanted buttons, like the login button that viewers don’t need to see, but finding it was easy due to the well marked html code. Creating the database was easy as well. And the support for it is awesome. Usually, if you post a question/issue on the support forum, you’ll get a response that day. There are a few nit-picky things about the gallery that I don’t like, such as some cookie issues and a quarky interface (to a degree, it’s really pretty good), but this is way better than anythign I could design and is free, and seems to me to be way better than other galleries out there. I’ve got some friends who are very good web/graphics designers, and they are asking me about my gallery, because they like it. That tells me that the folks who designed Coppermine have done a great job.

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